SMTP email settings error - Relaying denied

Hi, I’ve tried setting up my SMTP settings, but receive back the following error:-

We had a problem communicating with your Mail Server
Error: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 … Relaying denied. Proper authentication required. Please check your SMTP settings.

In outlook I have the following email settings, my host requires I have my outgoing server requires authentication, is this a problem for QF?

check your Host Name, it should be not smtp

I just copied what I had in my outlook account, anyway changed to, it said it was OK and said I had been sent an activation code, but I never received the email…

If I click on resend activation code it now comes back with the original error. When I check the settings its gone back to Now if i try and update the settings to it says

“We had a problem communicating with your Mail Server”

I was only trying to set this up, as I’ve sent a trial quote to a mate of mine saying how good I thought QF is, he never received the email notification… so I thought I would set up the SMTP settings here to make things more reliable.


Activation code will come to email account registered with quick file not mark@yourdomain
Also check your SMTP port, some times it is 26 on servers

I’m using the same email address as registered with QF, no activation code received, I’m sure one didn’t actually get sent, seeing as it wont now accept my host name without throwing up an error.

I’ll try a different port setting later, I just ‘assumed’ I should use the same port / host settings as in my outlook account for the email address in question.

try port 26, even better login to your cpanel, go to emails and see what does configuration settings say for this particular email

I believe this is because the system is setup to send the email from the address saved in Account Settings >> Routine Emails and because the sender and recipient address (i.e. the one you are logged in as) is the same for the activation email we attempt to send it from a address, the server then kicks it back for relaying. Not all mail servers do this but it leaves you in a catch 22.

I will manually activate the SMTP settings and please try to send an invoice…I think it should work fine then!

We’ve now modified the SMTP setup page so that the activation email can be sent to a specific address, thus mitigating the relay error described in this thread.

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