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Hey folks.

When I send an invoice & get a payment I tag it as normal.

I sent an invoice for £15,760 and the vendor has sent a remittance out £16,000. I’ve notified them of this and they can’t stop the BACS payment to the business account.

How do I record the payment against the invoice and how do I tag the overpayment and then do I tag the repayment back to them as drawings?

A bit confused

This might help …

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When the payment comes in tag it as payment from a customer in the normal way, you’ll have to use the “pay down multiple invoices” option because the amount doesn’t exactly match an invoice. This will mark the invoice as paid and save the surplus as a prepayment on the client account. Then when you pay them back, go to the original payment record (click the green tagged button from the original money in transaction and the word “payment” in the popup is a link), and at the top there is a “refund balance” button. This will do what you need, but it will create a duplicate money out transaction, so you just have to delete the untagged one from the bank feed.



I couldn’t understand the instructions above they seemed out of date so here’s what I did.

  1. I tagged the money in as multiple invoices and then chose the allocate to invoice what’s owed. The rest goes on the account as credit

  2. I then clicked the tag button again for the money in and clicked the payment hyperlink to take me to the payment receipt. I clicked refund and refunded the chosen amount.

  3. I deleted the refund payment I imported on my CSV so there’s one record of the refund.

  4. I went into the client account. Selected the invoice. Clicked log payment and ticked use account credit

Job done

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