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Due to a slowdown in business right now we are not using quickfile to the level we were before. How do I change my subscription to reflect this. I am being asked to renew soon. Thanks.

If you have over 1,000 ledger entries which have been created in the last 12 months, you will be prompted to purchase the subscription. Accounts with 1,000+ nominal ledger entries require a subscription to continue using QuickFile.

You can however defer this for 14 days if you haven’t done so already (there’s an option on the payment screen for this), which will give you 14 days free access.

I recommend taking a look at the following guides and checking out the ledger count, so you can see how this is broken down for your account:

I hope that helps.

Dear Support Team,
Thank you for your prompt response.

I have checked the number of ledger entries made in the last 12 months and it says 400. So I am wondering why I have been prompted to renew the subscription with so few entries. Is there anything I should be doing regarding the subscription or do I just leave it and the system will reset itself?

Many thanks,


Hi @act

In this case, the subscription is optional. As long as your nominal ledger entry count for the last 12 months remains below 1,000, you’re not required to have the subscription.

It does come with additional features however, so it’s worth keeping bearing that in mind too.

Hope that helps

Dear Mathew,
Thank you, that is helpful. I will bear that in mind.
Thanks for your help.

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