Tagging - Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi @titaniumapple

I’ll try and address your points for you.

That’s correct, and applies to many web applications. Speed certainly isn’t an issue from our end so a lot of it does come down to the internet connection itself. However, with ‘superfast broadband’ and 4G becoming widely available, I’m not sure of the spread of this issue.

Developing a version for offline use isn’t something we have plans for. My colleague has posted more information on this, here

Have you set up any bank tagging rules? This is good way to speed up the tagging process for similar transactions. There’s more information on this here.

Many of the options included when tagging items are required, and quite a few have been requested by our users here on the forums.

If the tagging rules can’t be used in your scenario, perhaps you could tell us a typical scenario and we’ll try and advise on the best way to achieve this?

You’re welcome to suggest new keyboard shortcuts if you wish in a new feature request post. As with all requests, we’ll monitor it for feedback and interest from our community, and we’ll happily take a look if there is enough interest.

There isn’t I’m afraid, and nothing is planned at the moment. However, you may find this topic useful which can help in terms of the speed of tagging.

Hope this helps.