VAT Agent

My accountant is applying to be my VAT agent. I have been successfully submitting my VAT return via Qucikfile for many years. What would they need to register as my VAT agent?


You can still carry on submitting vat returns yourself by getting new registration via MTD, same way you been doing for years. If your accountants want to do it, then they will have to signup to QF affinity, add yo as client and register themselves for MTD and use new credentials to file your vat return


Why would I need a new registration and what/who is MTD?


Hi @John_Charnock

MTD is the new scheme brought in by HMRC, effective 1st April 2019. This means that VAT returns must be submitted through the new MTD scheme (which QuickFile supports) unless a business is exempt. Eventually more aspects of tax will be made digital too.

You would first need to enrol on MTD before you can use it. What @FaradayKeynes mentions above relates to this. The VAT process in QuickFile is almost identical to the service we used to offer prior to MTD. But if your agent is submitting the VAT return on your behalf, they would need an Affinity account and link it with yours to do so.

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Will I need to do anything in QF to change my existing online VAT submission via QF

Yes, it’s likely you’ll need to enrol with HMRC for MTD, and then link your HMRC and QuickFile accounts to continue to submit returns.

We have a guide on how to link your accounts, here: HMRC Tax Accounts

Do you have access to my Gateway Password ?

I have forgotten it, to change it I need my date of first registration, to get my registration I need to login to my account :slightly_frowning_face:


PS, I will continue to submit my returns

If you’re set up for the old style of online filing through QuickFile where you had entered your gateway credentials in your vat settings then you may (I haven’t tried it) be able to right click on the password field and “inspect element” or similar, depending on your browser. It depends whether the current value is returned in the HTML or whether the UI uses a dummy value for password fields.