Can't reuse deleted invoice number

I created a invoice number xx but then deleted it to recreate it as a estimate but now i am trying to create a invoice with the same number but it says a invoice already exists but it does not exists anymore nor can i find it to delete it if it does

The reason you can’t create a new invoice with the same number is due to the audit trail that’s created for HMRC & to prevent accidental deletion

More info (including how to view) can be seen in @Glenn’s post here:
And this thread:

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found to now and edited it such i caN Have the numbers in sequence

Hi I’m new to Quick file and up to now thought I was doing well ! I accidentally created an invoice under a customer with the same name in error, I then proceeded to delete it, then of course went to create the correct invoice and the invoice number came up as already in existence, I’ve gone to the Invoice Management screen and can see the deleted invoices. I cannot find away of amending the invoice number back to the correct number, I’ve read this post and can see using radio options but I really don’t understand this and cannot find it. Help required please.

Give me a minute ill create dumym one and delete and put guide on how to restore and change it

Click on the deleted radio button,

then click view/edit,

then click restore invoice,

then modify invoice,

then change the invoice number,

then save

Thank you, obvious when you think of it, all I had to do was modify the customer name to the correct identity. Pressing the radio button just put me into a place of total confusion.

I appreciate your quick response and assistance.