Cc INVOICES SENT MESSAGE etc. - Set as default

When sending communications to customers I always try and remember to tick the CC box so a copy ends up in my inbox. Is it possible to add tick box to Advance Features so always CC?

I’m not sure about allowing CC’ing to be defaulted across the account, it doubles the bandwidth usage, this becomes a bigger problem when you’re attaching PDFs.

Just interested first to know why you’d want to do this?

If you set Quickfile to use your own SMTP servers you can set a default rule on the mailserver to copy messages as required. This does depend on your mail host though.

When I suggested default, I probably used the wrong word, but generally when sending customers their invoice a record of what is written in the attached email is useful to refer back to (but this is without PDFs attached). Maybe if it possible with the Outbound Emails to add this facility. Of course I can continue to tick the CC box!

I think the problem Glenn has here is that there are quite a few little extras that people want innocently adding which soon add up to vast amounts of bandwidth and/or storage which then costs money. The SMTP option is there so you can do all of this yourself if required.

I definitely see the use of having some back reference for your outbound emails. SMTP I think would be one way to do this now.

We already hold outbound invoice records for 30 days (only available on our back-end system) so one option we discussed was to archive this for longer and make them available to users. As this adds a cost for us in terms of storage, it’s likely if included it would only be available in our Power User Subscription.

Not sure where to start with SMTP settings at the moment, but something I can look into. I like getting rid of adverts from the dashboard and tried to look at signing up for Power User subscription, but when going to
Help> Additional Services> Quickfile Setup Service there is no mention of Power User Subscription only the setup service and getting a yellow warning triangle on the address line in chrome.

If you need help with setting up SMTP let us know, it will not only allow you to keep an archive of your sent mail without CC’ing but it will also improve email reliability and limit the likelyhood that your mail will end up in the spam folder.

Regarding the power user subscription, I’m afraid the guide is ahead of the actual application so that option is not live yet. We’re hoping to get this sorted later today. In the mean time I will PM you a link you can use.

It shouldn’t be default.
Is good as it is.

I have been reading how the script for attaching PDF for invoices - ticked by default Attach PDF for invoices - ticked by default

amended the script for doing similar action for cc tick box in Custom Scripts


That’s a good use of the custom scripts, thanks for posting the suggestion, I am sure it will benefit others looking to do the same.

This is really useful for us, but I can’t find the ‘Custom Scripts’ option in ‘Global Scripts’. ‘Global CSS’ is the last option listed in ‘CSS and HTML Customisations’.

What am I missing?

Hi @AsherJac

I’ll send you a private message now to get some more info.