Co-op bank statement import needs updateing


I previously asked what format CSV for Co-op business bank Quickfile is set up to import Which Co-op csv export is Quickfile set up to import? - #5 by QFSteve

I tried all the ways to export a CSV (and XLS) from Co-op Business online banking and I can’t find any that are in that format, therefore the statement import needs updating.

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No idea whether this will work! But if you are able to download bank statements from the Co-op in .qif format (Microsoft money) then have a go by using “Santander qif file” that is an option in QF bank statement imports.

I recently posted about how the Santander qif file format is useful when working with French comma separated files “La France sur virgule dans comptes bancaires” but afterwards mistakenly imported the file into an HSBC current account and that also worked (had to do a “Recent Batch Uploads deletion” to fix my upload error but that’s not too problematic).

Have a go @madbilly and as I suggest if you make mistake there is also the facility to fix such import errors.

Hi @alan_mcbrien,
Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I can’t find a way to export Co-op statements in QIF format. OFX is supported, so I tried importing that, but it just lists everything as generic payments or deposits, the textual references are lost, so it’s not much use. CSV is still the best, but Quickfile’s not set up to import the current formats.

In the interests of trying to get this fixed here is the format in which Co-op Business online banking exports CSVs from the “Search Transactions” view:

List of transactions
Transactions List:
Transaction date Account Number Bank reference Type of payment Customer reference Amount (GBP) Additional Info
Date and Time: 18/11/2023 17:43 Page 1 of

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Hello @madbilly

I have advised the development team of the Coop file format you have provided.

When importing a csv statement (for any bank) you can set the bank name to “other”.

This gives you flexibility when importing as you can select which columns you wish to use.

You should only have to select 3-4 items depending on if the values are in 1 or 2 columns.

It may also help to remove any additional rows such as report date/title and totals to prevent errors.

Hi @QFSteve, thanks for passing that info to the dev team. I always have to import statements using “Other”, there’s no other way. It’s better than nothing but it adds more time to the process.