Converting Quotation to Invoice - Default Footer Terms

I have been converting a Quotation to an Invoice. When I convert the footer details are not updated from Default Estimate Terms to the Default Invoice Terms. I have got around this by doing the tweaking, but it would be so much better if the Default Invoice Terms could be used when doing a conversion.

This has been mentioned before, although simply swapping out the quotation terms with the default invoice terms was not desirable in all cases. We have some users who attach specific terms on the quotation that need to be carried through to the invoice. We are reluctant to change this as I can’t see it being useful to all users.

What you can do instead is when you convert, select the option to tweak first, you can then click the highlighted link to import the default invoice terms.

Thank you for your reply. No problem with keeping the terms from a quotation when converting to an invoice.

However, when I tweak the invoice to include the default payment terms i.e. import the Default Invoice Terms the import looses the formatting and all the information is entered without line this involves working through the details into separate lines.

Is it possible to fix this clich?

I’ll have a look into this and let you know. I can see the carriage returns are getting removed, it should be a quick fix.

This has been fixed in our development system and will probably go live next Monday.