Email us your receipts


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to import your receipts into QuickFile? In this guide we will show you how to setup an email profile that will allow you to simply forward your receipts directly from your email software.

All emailed receipts will land in your Receipt Hub where you can tag them to purchases or store them in your Document Manager. Emailing receipts to QuickFile will allow you to centralise your accounts and ensure that your record keeping is top notch, should the taxman ever pay you a visit.

Getting started

Before you can email in your receipts, you will need to enter the email address (or multiple addresses) that QuickFile will associate to your account. Whenever an email comes in from this address we will know where it should be routed.

In the Account Settings you will see an option ‘Email my Receipt to QuickFile’. Click this link and you will now see a number of boxes where you can enter the email addresses you will be sending receipts from. You can enter a maximum of 10 email addresses.

Once saved you are ready to start emailing in your receipts.

Where do I send my receipts?

All receipts should be sent to Once you have sent your receipt, wait 5 minutes and it will appear in your Receipt Hub, ready for processing.

What types of emails are accepted?

We accept all types of emails. Here’s how our software works when finding a new receipt.

  1. First we check for attachments. This includes any images (png, jpg, gif, tif), PDF documents, Word, Excel, HMTL or Notepad files. If we find an attachment we will assume this to contain the pertinent information. Any attachments that have an unknown file format will be disregarded.

  2. If there are no attachments we then look at the body of the email. This will then be saved in a readable format so that you can access it in your Receipt Hub.

  3. If you are within your daily data allowance, the emailed document will appear in your Receipt Hub within 5 minutes.

Renaming your uploaded receipts

When you email your receipts to QuickFile we will preserve the file name of any attachments when transferring to your Receipt Hub. In some cases this may not be desirable, perhaps in the case where your supplier is using some generic naming method (e.g. invoice-1.pdf). Having vague file names will make it harder to find and reconcile items later.

Fortunately you can overwrite the naming method by changing the subject in the email you forward to Whenever we receive an email we will scan the subject line for any text enclosed within curly braces (e.g. {some text here}). Whenever we find such text we will assume you want to use this as the name for your uploaded documents. Below is an example of a revised subject line:

{My trip to London - March 2015}

Any attachment for the above email will be named as follows:

My trip to London - March 2015 (1)
My trip to London - March 2015 (2)

If the subject line is greater than 40 characters we will cap it down to 40, but that should be sufficient to get the detail you need.

Can I email other business documents?

Yes you can, it’s possible to email all kinds of different business documents such as letters, bank statements, contracts, payslips, anything you like. When the document arrives in the Receipt Hub you can move it to the Document Manager, rather than processing it as a receipt.

Is there a limit to how many documents I can email?

We don’t limit the number of documents as such, but rather the collective size of the documents. Each QuickFile account has a daily data limit of 262 MB. It is therefore good practice to only email compressed documents. Large images from your camera phone will soon gobble up your data allowance.

I’ve emailed my receipts, but they’re not appearing

There are some cases where an emailed receipt won’t appear in your receipt hub. There are a few things to check:

  • Check the file format is accepted (see a full list here)
  • Have you used up all your data allowance?
  • Is the email address registered for the receipt hub with your account?
  • When did you sent the receipt? It can normally take around 5 minutes for your files to appear in your account

If everything looks all OK from your end, then your email may have been caught out by the spam filter. Simply contact @QFSupport with some account details, and we’ll soon have this resolved for you.

Link your account to Dropbox for even greater flexibility

Did you know QuickFile can also setup a dedicated folder in your Dropbox cloud storage system to automatically import additional receipts and documents from there. Find our more here.