Hide status 'CONVERTED' in client area (Implemented)

Is it possible to hide the status of estimates / invoices in the client area?

Try All Settings > Invoice Style > click on Status box and tick option Hide the status image stamps on all sales invoices

Thanks for this, however it is not the stamps I wish to hide, it is the status field in the client area, I.e. When a client logs on to the system and sees an overview of invoices, estimates etc, I would like to hide the status field on this view if possible

I’m afraid this is not something that is possible right now. I will switch it to a feature request and if it gets more attention we can certainly look at this.

Thanks Glenn, I feel there is no need for my clients to see what has been sent or converted as it would not appear anyway, I feel the fact that an estimate has been converted is for my reference and not the clients.

Not a big issue, thanks for considering


OK I didn’t know that’s what you were angling at here. I just thought you wanted to hide the status column for invoices and estimates. I agree showing the status ‘CONVERTED’ to the client is not a good idea. I think rather we need to rethink how this status is displayed on the client end, perhaps show as INVOICED instead? I’ll give this some thought.


We’ve logged this…It will be updated soon!

Hi Glenn, thanks for your help, showing as" invoiced" would be much better than “Converted”, you could argue whether the status needs to be there at all within the client area?

Thanks again


Hi Glenn

I think the status column would be better replaced by the purchase reference, as it stands clients can only see the estimates number and description which in my case means nothing to my clients looking through a long list of estimates, currently each estimate has to be clicked on to determine the actual job reference.

just my thoughts, I realise this may only be applicable to my setup.



I still think the status column should stay, if we remove it I’m sure other users would not be happy. If you’ve sent a bunch of quotations to your client it’s useful to be able to see which ones were accepted and which ones were declined. For invoices which uses the same screen the status will show whether it’s paid, unpaid, part paid etc.

Hi Glenn, I agree the status is very useful for the Administrator, I was only referring to the status column in the client area alone. however your previous suggestion of changing “converted” to “invoiced” would be just as good.

Regarding my other suggestion, would it be possible to add a column showing the purchase reference? (in the client area)

Many thanks for all your help.


Including the purchase reference is something we can do without to much trouble. I’ve made a note of this for now.

Thought you may like to know…We’ve added a purchase ref. column in the client invoice/estimate view list.

Superb! so much easier to match quote / sale to job reference at a glance, and I not you have updated status to show “invoiced” as opposed to “converted”.

Thanks for all your help Glenn, fantastic service once again!


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Hi Glenn

The purchase reference you added to the view list is much much better, would it possible to add the same column to the customer statement as the same issue is relevant here ?


Hi @Rob what we’ve done is add the purchase reference to the item description in the statement (for those items with a purchase ref). It was a bit cramped trying to add a column.

Hi Glenn, this looks good to me, my customers can now see what each invoice relates to, many thanks for your help


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The Client Area was given a new interface in July 2018 to provide a better experience for the customer to view there invoices/estimates using mobiles/tablets Client Area Refresh.

The customer’s Purchase Ref. column is no longer appearing - could you have a look at having this information available, and the facility under “Filter” to search by that reference,

Perhaps also consider changing the button “Filter” to “Search”.

We’ll have a look at that and report back.

We’ve restored the purchase reference column on the new client area control panel, there’s no search facility as yet but this should be returning soon.

Good to see the customer reference on the client area control panel is back.

Could this column be given the same emphasis as the other details shown, at present the customer reference/order number is looking rather faint.