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HSBC Open Banking Feed


Morning, I have looked on my account and my HSBC Open feed seems active and refreshed OK. I didn’t have any transactions to import so it didn’t find any. However, last week I received an email from QuickFile saying that it was being updated and after 30th April all existing permissions would be lost and need to be reactivated. What is the situation with this please?
Mine seemed all normal today. Thanks. Keith

HSBC Open Banking Feed update
Bank feed disappeared HSBC

Hello @CompeteE

We’ve acted on information provided to us by HSBC. We have asked for clarification on this but as of yet we’re yet to hear anything back.

I’m tagging my colleague, @Glenn, here who may be able to shed some more light on this when we do hear back.


Hi, Any update on HSBC bank feed?


Update please?..Yodlee is driving me crazy!
HSBC are suggesting my migration back to the old internet banking their end…can’t see how this solves my problem?
In fact they’ve just said that HSBC Business does NOT support ‘Open Banking’


@CliveClive @Sparky - HSBC removed all existing consents yesterday, but only launched the new platform today. Unfortunately this hasn’t given us a huge amount of time to switch things over, but we’re working on it at this moment in time.

We will automatically backdate any consents to cover any gaps, but will keep you posted.


I understand that HSBC have been temporarily removed from open bank feeds.
Please help as my Yodlee feed is causing me problems by missing transactions on a regular basis!
Currently HSBC Business say they support Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

HSBC Yodlee Bank Feed Not Updating

I’ve moved your post to this thread @Sparky, as you can see that hopefully the Open Banking issue will be resolved soon


I cannot even get obtain excel spreadsheets of my statements to upload into Quickfile. When will this be resolved? I do not want to manually input 3 months of banking transactions so that I can do my VAT return.


Hi @Jas_Jhooty

We don’t currently support the upload of Excel files, only CSV files. If you can re-save it as a CSV and try uploading that, it should work.


I understand that, but I cannot currently obtain any spreadsheet from HSBC in any format. When I click on the download button I am presented with the following error message:

Export Failed!

Incorrect account number or authentication key. Please ensure you have enabled file imports on your Quick File account and the credentials supplied are correct.


Hi @Jas_Jhooty

Am I correct in thinking you’re using the Google Chrome extension? If so, this has been depreciated. You would need to either download the file and upload it manually, or use a bank feed. Even though there’s an issue with the HSBC Open Banking feed at the moment (due to HSBC making changes in a short timeframe), the Yodlee feed is still available.


I am new to the open banking feed. I only signed up to it yesterday but was unable to set it up.

Am I correct in assuming if I was to use a different browser I may be able to download spreadsheets. Or should I uninstall the chrome extension? I am happy to upload .csv files as long as i can obtain them which I currently can’t do.


Hi there , I removed the Quickfile extension from Chrome & have managed to download the spreadsheets now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Hi Matthew

No, I just get this

With no option to connect to HSBC?

Kind regards


Bank - Open Banking

Please note: HSBC are failing to validate new consents due to a technical issue with their updated authentication system. We have reported the issue to HSBC and await a response. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Connect a bank

Bank Of Scotland
Royal Bank of Scotland
HSBC Open Banking Feed update

We wanted to provide an update on the situation with the HSBC Open Banking service. We were advised that HSBC commenced with the work on 1st May (originally planned for 30th April). HSBC took the decision to cancel all existing consents before fully resolving and testing the deployment of the new service. The Open Banking group advised against this approach and the short notice issued to all 3rd party providers. HSBC are currently working through a number of technical issues with the new service that is preventing us from being able to bring the HSBC option back online.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. We will email you again as soon as the new service comes back online. We will also ensure feeds are back-dated to 1st May to cover any gaps.


Now that the original thread is closed, could we have another update here on the latest with HSBC Open Banking Feed? Any signs of progress from HSBC…?


Hi @mlawson

Apologies for this thread closing - I’ve now reopened this and merged your post.

We sent an update out yesterday by email. If you didn’t receive this, I’ve copied it below for reference:

We apologise for the delay reinstating the HSBC Open Banking Feed. HSBC are continuing to work through a number of technical issues in relation to their authentication update last week. We remain in dialogue with both HSBC and our Open Banking liaison to monitor progress on this case. We will bring the service back online as soon as we receive assurances from HSBC that the technical issues are resolved.

We will email you again as soon as the new service comes back online. We will also ensure feeds are back-dated to 1st May to cover any gaps. You may in the mean time manually import your statement information from a CSV or QIF file.

I’m not aware on any movement here unfortunately, but will check with my colleague to see if anything has come through recently.

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Hi @mlawson

Today we have only received holding messages from HSBC indicating that they are continuing to investigate the route cause of the problem. It is extremely disappointing that they have allowed the service to remain offline for such a length of time and we continue to press them for updates.

The next update we will receive from HSBC is scheduled for noon tomorrow. We will update you as soon as we know more.

I will also ensure that this thread does not auto close.

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UPDATE: We understand that HSBC have now identified the underlying cause of the issue. They are continuing to work on a fix. We will report any further developments as soon as we have them.


I spoke to someone at HSBC today about this, it was someone in customer services who checked with their management team and was told they have no intention of linking an open feed with Quickfile - ominous