New mail token for attaching files to invoices/estimates

A discussion popped up here that I felt was worthy of it’s own thread.

We have just introduced a new email token @AttachedFileList@. You can apply this token in your default email templates for new invoices and estimates.

When you send an invoice/estimate by email QuickFile will look to see if you have attached any files to this item and output a file list accordingly (including notes).

This will enable you to ensure that any supporting documents for an invoice or estimate are just one click away.


Hi Glenn,

Do we still have to upload the file each time? Is there somewhere we can upload say terms and conditions into the system and then every time we send an invoice they are automatically attached by putting in the token?


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If you use a generic terms and conditions (i.e. one file covers them all), then it may be easier to add a link in the email template.

Or if you wanted to attach the file to each invoice, use the ‘Use Existing’ button:


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