What is the process of closing a Quick File account but preserving one's data

I wonder if someone could help me please. Due to the coronavirus and nearly 4 months of not trading, I have ceased to trade as of 30/60/2020. I have now notified HMRC.

My Quickfile account, which is Medium sized and costs around £50 a year, runs for another 6 months so I don’t need to close it immediately but I will not have to update it anymore. So there are several questions one must ask:

1. What is the process of closing an account?
2. As HMRC want me to keep my data for 7 years. How do I download or keep all the data? (I went completely digital and everything is on Quickfile)

I appreciate your support and have loved using Quickfile, which I have recommended many times and would use again without hesitation.

Thank you in advance for your answer.


To do a backup click on Account Settings in the blue bar at the top of your screen on any quickfile page within your account. Number 10 in the menu is the backup . If you have done this go back to Account Setting and click on number 9 to reset your account. There you can choose to delete your account. You can open the backup files sent via email to you on your computer/laptop. Before you delete your account you should wait until the email has arrived and don’t forget to check the data.

Hi @Fanflame

You can perform a backup of the account, which will generate CSV files of your data. This can be done in the settings area. There’s more information on this here: Create a data backup schedule.

It may also be worth taking a look at this guide, which relates to the files you’ve uploaded (e.g. receipts): Download an archive of your documents

Regarding account deletion/closure, again, there’s an option in the account settings area for this: How do I clear my account?

However, we only close accounts that don’t have a subscription and haven’t been used in 2 years. Providing you login at least once every 2 years, your account will remain on the system. As the account is unused, the size will also drop down into the free tier too.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for this explanation Mathew.

You mention that if the account is unused (but I log in every now and again) it will remain active but drop down to a free account, how does that actually work in practice?

Do I need to apply for it?


Thank you rhc

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You are welcome Fanflame

The account size is based on a rolling 12 month period. Where you have 1,000+ nominal ledger entries in that 12 month period, a subscription is required.

As it’s rolling and as no data is being entered into the account, it will fall into the lower categories which are free.

No need to apply for anything, providing your account is seen as active (at least 1 login within 2 years), then it should be fine. We will email all team members on the account, 3 times prior to taking any action.

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