Detailed Nominal Ledger Export


It appears that this has been removed again?

I am now running full backups but they do not contained the same detailed export of all nominal transactions that you used to be able to get.

I export the nominal detail every month to Excel and add to a mast Workbook which produces all sorts of management reports.

Is there anyway of getting this data?


Hi @davidmassot

We’ve moved the report to the on-demand back up. If you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Weekly/Monthly backups:

Run an on-demand back up:

Once this completes, the zip file will contain a file called ‘Nominal_Ledger.csv’, which mirrors the old report:

Hope that helps!

[Update 11/04/2017]
You can now export the entries for a specific nominal ledger within a set date range. Please see this post for information.


I changed the start date and all is good.

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