Part payment of invoices from credit on account


I am trying to tag a single payment (in foreign currency pulled from bank feed of foreign currency account) to several invoices from the same supplier. It works perfectly well if the invoices in question are to be settled completely as you can move from one invoice to another until credit is exhausted.
I am unable to part pay these invoices using apply credit method, as I want to part settle some invoices only (due to sales of items on consignment from supplier across few invoices)

I know it can be done the other way round from invoice end, but then it creates multiple payments going out from the bank & makes the feed useless. Or is there a way that I have overlooked.

Has anybody been in the same position & found a way to maintain a single bank transaction at the same time part paying several invoices.



So basically be able to tick the box “Apply from Credit…[…]” & still use the bottom part to specify amount (which is lower than invoice total). I think feature will be very helpful to simplify things.

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This might be another application for the “holding account” trick - create a fake bank account, do the payments from the invoice end, paid from the holding account, then tag the single bank transaction as a transfer to the holding account to balance the books.

Hello Ian,

Thanks for pointing this out, I use this already for Sterling account & yes it works to tie up the bank feed with how one wants to play around with supplier invoices. Unfortunately with multiple bank accounts, a paypal feed & foreign currency account - I fear it will become difficult to keep track & I will confuse myself, so in theory it can be done but it might be good to have a feature from QF team at some point - if possible.

In general invoices are paid on the First In First Out (FIFO) rule so any new credit is applied to the oldest invoices first. If you want to part pay invoices in this way then I’m afraid the only way to do so would be to abstract this out into another bank account as @ian_roberts suggests. You would then pay each invoice partially from the new holdings bank account (no credits involved) and tag the single amount from your main current account as a transfer to the holdings account.

It’s a bit of a hack but in general it’s better to try and stick to the FIFO method if you can.

I’d consider looking at this as Quickfile grows. I know in accounting terms it makes no difference but we often pay suppliers for particular months or parts thereof. e.g. Octobers invoice total is in dispute, or awaiting a credit note so we don’t pay it. We don’t want Nov, Dec etc payments to pay down Oct.

By default you could use the FIFO method, and have this assign to particular invoices feature turned on as required?


Glenn thanks very much for your comments, i just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything.
I think it might be useful feature in future, to offer flexibility to apply credit to chosen invoices from all open invoices at a given time, whether part of fully paid, instead of adhering to FIFO. This is beaucse we are seeing all sorts of payments terms from suppliers including staggered / layby, sales or returns & combination of all of these applied to same products at different periods of year. Until then I will use the method of bridging bank account.

Thanks very much for the comments.

I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Unfortunately I can’t promise anything will be intermediately forthcoming due to our current workloads. But at least there’s a discussion about this we can follow up on later.

I’ve just stumbled across this issue. My clients make 2 payments per invoice and when a client makes 4 bookings (for example) spread across 4 invoices but they only make 1 deposit payments I would like to be able to specify how much of the money goes where. For now I think I’ll just let the system pay off the first invoice and alter the invoices myself after printing.

Hi QF Team,
I was wondering if there was any progress to make the Payments allocation more flexible than what is available right now.
The process at the moment doesn’t allow to part-pay the invoices from bank account transaction. It is also not possible to part pay an invoice from a credit / pre-payment if made in foreign currency. So far I have been working around this by setting up a bridging bank account & breaking payments there. However we are now doing this not only for Sterling but part payments in foreign currency accounts as well. So to set up additional bridging account for foreign currency is bit too much or other long winded way is to convert currencies to bridging account currency. Either of these options are time consuming & cumbersome especially if invoices are quite a few in number. It will be great to have flexibility of part paying invoices for all open invoices instead of following current FIFO which doesnt really reflect the real life scenario. I think more users will be able to use this feature & will make software widen scope of what it can do. Thanks.

Hi @galarahul

There isn’t any movement here I’m afraid, but we will be sure to update this thread if anything will be, or has been changed.

Just adding my vote for being able to allocate part payments to multiple invoices directly from bank tagging (supplier and customer)

As there has been another vote on this feature, I just wanted to add that if & when QF developers take up this issue, please implement on both sides ie supplier & clients. We have suppliers who send goods on invoices with split payment terms like 30,60,90 days. On the other hand we offer similar payment terms to clients. The payments are paid up in lump sum & are allocated to amounts due (part amount) & do not necessarily follow full settlement of oldest invoices first. We normally raise the invoices with last date of final installment so they remain open & flagged up until fully closed with notes added to the invoice/statement. To be able to add notes to statement is a really helpful feature for us to keep on top of these invoices & clients can view payment plan. So it’s very odd, that after going so much advanced these type of invoices cannot be part settled. So in my opinion, the FIFO restriction on invoices should be removed.
It’s too complicated to split the payments in bank statements or get around by creating another bank account, as it would mean creating one on each side especially when most business have to deal with Paypal / merchant accounts along with currency accounts.


I understand how to pay an invoice from a the total credit on the account. However, the total credit I have on this supplier is £905.20 (which includes 5 x £88.80), the invoice is £1,065.60. There has been a credit note of £444 applied already so there is £621.60 outstanding on the invoice.

I want to assign only the 5 x £88.80 to this invoice thus still leaving £176.60 outstanding on it.

Are you going to introduce this functionality?

It is common on other software and a proper accounting treatment rather than just assigning the oldest credits first which isn’t necessarily accurate and can really mess up a transaction history and a supplier account. Many thanks.

@EMARI - You can now add your vote for this feature by using the “Vote” button at the top of the page.

@galarahul @ukpartydj @BBK - as you’ve expressed an interest in this previously too, you may also wish to add your vote using the new “Vote” button.

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