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Routine emails per trading style

Is it possible to define the Routine emails per trading style.
You have available the emails per client and by default, but normally what we need is similar to the invoice system, define them by trading style and not by client.
Editing each client every time we need to change one line on the emails is impossible.


Hi @expertoswp,

This isn’t possible at the moment but we will leave this feature request thread open to monitor interest from other users

That never works. I am still waiting for request from 2017… :frowning:

We actively monitor feature requests and regularly review them. All I would suggest for the moment is add your vote to any feature request you’re interested in. If there are any updates, we will update the threads accordingly.

It’s also worth noting that we do consider other things aside from votes when looking at new features. For example, feasibility, benefits, the work involved, etc.

For reference, you can find a list of implemented features, following forum posts, here: Implemented Features - QuickFile

The vote system is broken. I have a limited number of votes and I already spent them.
You already have implemented a more difficult thing, which is edit email for each client.
And that is broken, because every change will need to be made to all clients, which is something cannot be done.
So I wonder if anybody is using that feature at all, because it is broken.

Hi @expertoswp

If a feature is implemented, the vote is made available again. We do limit votes so that each vote made is meaningful (e.g. someone isn’t just voting for everything and anything). That doesn’t stop you from adding a comment and showing your support for that request in another way, however.

I can’t comment on the difficulty of implementing a feature unfortunately, as I’m not part of the development team. But please, rest assured, that each feature request is assessed on it’s own merits and the situation surrounding it.

Can you clarify what you mean here please? We can certainly investigate this if something isn’t working, but it may be best to start a #bug or #support thread for that separately, so this feature request thread remains focused on that.

When you use the email edition per client to change the trading style of the emails, right now, the only way to use that is to edit each one of the clients.
There is no way to automate that.
So the flow is:

  • Open the client,
  • Click on view (which should not be on the menu either as this is EDIT not view)
  • Template emails
  • Select each one of the emails you want to change, edit, save.
  • Repeat with the next client.

If you have lets say 100 clients and you want to change something on your custom email, then you need to go an do that process for the 100 clients.
Which is something no one has time to do.
That is why you added trading styles, and not a trading style per client.

The same is here.
It is an UX problem not a tech problem.

By the way @QFMathew
Everytime I start a #support or #bug someone from your team tells me to start a #feature, and now that I start a #feature, then you tell me to start a #bug … this is a joke of support system…

Mentioned in this existing feature request.

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